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About Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is about trying to understand and resolve psychological conflict and difficulties by getting to the roots of a problem. During periods of crisis or loss – and sometimes for no immediately apparent reason – issues that have not been resolved in the past can resurface and cause distress in the present. Exploring the past, as well as gaining a clear understanding of what is going on for you as an individual right now, can together help to shed light on how to move forward .

Therapy provides a confidential space in which you can talk openly about your situation in a way that you often cannot do with family or friends, and in which we can reflect together on your experience and the feelings involved. It is often necessary to face painful feelings in order to bring about a deeper healing. My approach is not about giving advice or one-size-fits-all techniques, or about trying to cheer you up. What I aim to offer is the right balance of support and challenge - which may be different at different times - to help you understand yourself better, get through the difficult times, and be better able to fulfill your potential.

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