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Your first session

It is always good to meet in person for our first meeting if at all possible.  

In this fifty-minute session I will start by asking you what brings you to seek therapy, and answer any questions you may have. I may ask you some questions as we go along, but mainly I will be listening in order to understand what is going on for you. Towards the end I will offer some thoughts about this and about how we might go forward if you decide you would like to meet again. At this stage you might decide either to contract for a limited number of sessions, with the option to extend, or to carry on meeting on an ongoing basis. Or you may prefer to go away and think about what you would like to do. 

If we decide to go forward with therapy I will send you a leaflet with more details of how I work, practicalities, and my terms and conditions, and I will ask you to confirm you agree with these. I will also ask you to fill in a short form giving personal details.

The most important aspect of therapy is feeling comfortable with your therapist; the first meeting is an opportunity to get a sense of whether we might be a good fit. 

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